When we choose a mattress one of the most important things, even more, important than the model, the type and the manufacturer is an indisputable and certain objective fact:

The size of our slatted frame; which the dimensions of the mattress we have to choose to depend on.

We then proceed to explain how we need to measure the net on which our mattress will have to rest.

Length, width and standard sizes:

These standard measures can create misunderstandings at the time of purchase. We will give two examples to help you understand why you always need to measure the network before proceeding with the purchase.

The single bed can, in fact, have a width of 80 or 90 centimeters and a length that can be 190 or 200 centimeters. Thus, there are 4 possible sizes only for a single bed:

80×190; 80×200; 90×190; 90×200. Consequently when we say: “I have a single bed / a square”. We must think that in reality, it is as if we were saying, “My bed is a measure of these four.” Consequently, it is absolutely necessary to measure your bed, to avoid buying a wrong size product, which will then have to be returned to the retailer and/or manufacturer, without even having used it.

Another example is the more common one of the double mattress. If for the single one-square mattress there are four measures, for the matrimonial the situation becomes more complicated since there are three possible standard width measurements of a double mattress: French double of 140 centimeters, standard double of 160 centimeters and double king size ”Of 180 centimeters. Each of these is standardized in 2 possible lengths, the same as the single mattress, or 190 or 200 centimeters. So actually a double mattress can refer to 6 different sizes. So the risk of making a mistake, due to inaccuracy or misunderstanding, is even greater.

Measure the slatted frame:

For this reason, the slatted frame must always be measured. However, errors can be made in the measurement, for example, may only measure the space covered by the slats, eliminating from the measurement the frame of the net, which is part of it anyway. For this reason, it is important to measure the slatted frame in its entirety, possibly several times and in at least two different points on each side, so as to be absolutely sure of its size.

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