The latex mattresses, despite being considered by many to be an outdated product, continue to represent a good slice of the online mattress market. Although it is therefore not the best-selling type of mattress, it remains a product with a rather affectionate clientele. However, some clarifications need to be made.

Natural latex and its use:

Latex is a substance derived from the resin of latex trees. Unlike what we think and what is the most widespread public opinion, the vast majority of latex mattresses have an extremely low percentage of latex composing them.

This is because, over the years, through various price fluctuations, the value of natural latex has grown exponentially. But despite this, its properties have remained unchanged perennially, which is quite logical since the latex resin is always the same type of product and is still collected from the same tree, often with the same methods.

The physiological evolution of latex mattresses was therefore first of all catalyzed by the increase in natural latex prices, which mathematically led to look for an economically more profitable alternative: synthetic latex. Despite this development, natural latex remains more elastic than its counterpart achieved through synthesis.

Synthetic latex mattresses:

The synthetic latex is the artificial derivative of natural latex, but we must not think that it is different from the natural one, simply its production process is different. Furthermore, synthetic latex is often enriched with additives that improve its longevity, i.e. its useful life over time compared to natural latex.

In addition to this, synthetic latex mattresses are hypoallergenic since albumin is removed, that is the substance that causes latex allergy. This affects the smallest part of the population. Nevertheless, one thing must be said, that despite the synthetic latex is an innovative and more long-lived product than natural latex, a latex mattress is unlikely to be made entirely of synthetic latex.

The realization of latex mattresses:

Finally, how is latex mattresses made, if they are not entirely made of natural latex or synthetic latex? Simply, depending on your needs, the products are made by combining the two different types of latex. This solution is, in fact, the most economically advantageous for cost-benefit ratios.

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